dYdX Hedgies

Hedgies Community Treasury

Establishing The Community Treasury

On July 2022 a proposal was put together by members of the Hedgies community to establish a community owned treasury. This treasury has the purpose of promoting the hedgie ecosystem by utilizing treasury funds for NFT & merch giveaways, event incentives, and promoting the hedgie community in the wider web3 ecosystem and emerging metaverses. The vote on commonwealth for the proposal passed with the vast majority of the community voting to move forward with the proposed implementation.

Implementation Overview

The multisigs have been created using Gnosis Safe (https://gnosis.io/) on the following chains:
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
Every multisig is controlled by a 4/7 majority consisting of the following 7 Hedgie community members:
  • Alucard#9079 (Alucard.eth)
  • AndyGG#1484 (andydydx.eth)
  • James#1633 (jamesdydx.eth)
  • mirrash.eth#0090 (mirrash.eth)
  • mx#7625 (mxdydx.eth)
  • NTinc#8631 (0xca513BeD287D83958Cd140fd074cd66b4D988B99)
  • Upload#2851 (Longxinzhang.eth)
The following ENS domain has been assigned to the resolver of the treasury multisig address: hedgietreasury.eth

Ethereum Multisig

Multisig Address: 0xa394a039145c46A265B11713975E66Be2645B564

Polygon Multisig

Multisig Address: 0x7159a3e3C74Ba4aCC53D0Dad7Fbe0bb98fFe62BA

Optimism Multisig

Multisig Address: 0xea67949FA2672499aAd280dC46F0bfc32F7b0638

Arbitrum Multisig

Multisig Address: 0xA4Eb64b8CAa562dC84140274C641CCdf1b2e5133